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Speed Issues on your AT&T Internet? Get it fixed | AT&T | U-Verse | Techolink

It's a Good day to start with! You boot up your PC and open your web browser. Wait! The website is too slow to load? No worries, you unplug your mobile phone from charging and open Instagram. Hold on, you're page is still loading. You can not see anyone's story they posted. There is something wrong with the Internet.

Yes, this is the most common example when we kick off our day. 

 I am here to help you in this frustrating situation.

Now, if you are using a residential gateway from AT&T from a long time(before 2016) I'd recommend you to go for this troubleshooting. Else, You need to replace your RG from AT&T. You can do it by contacting customer support. Replacing it from AT&T store may cost you, so it's better to call someone to check your RG and services.

Now, you need to identify your Model of the modem(RG). The model will be written at the front of the RG. The model will be like NVG599/598, BGW210-700 or 5268AC.
Now, please follow these steps and try to get something out of the services.

I personally like AT&T's option to check the Internet speed. Couple of years back, they introduced the Smart Home Manager app which was cooler with the time, however, due to limited features, that includes the connected device, connection strength etc. That wasn't creating much impact over the customers.

Cool part is that, with the passage of the time, AT&T tried to develop the app and added some important features like Speed test, Device usage details, Device blocking.

Let's talk about the Speedtest that app provides. This speed test is solely conducted on the modem and is not the end speed you're getting. This is the speed that your RG is getting from the outside lines and it just shows and confirms if there is any speed related issue from the lines or AT&T equipment.

Now, you need to consider this fact and most of the American Households needs to understand that, there are tons of ways your speed can be compromised. Trust me, your Aquarium inside which your cute little fish is swimming across with so much peace, yes, that can also affect the speed your're getting.  The Microwave or any thing which has a frequency or mass can insulate and affect your Internet speed.

You might think- Hey buddy, we already know this, thanks for wasting our time, we need a resolution.

Okay, here are some ways you can speed up the Internet. Though there aren't the legit and long lasting way but you can try until your contract is up with them(IYKWIM- Ahem, Ahem)

You can check if the RG has bandwidth steering enabled. Bandwidth Steering is crucial due to it's demand and necessity and it can impact the speed too.

You can check my other post about the Bandwidth steering as well.

Alright. For the following help, you need a PC/Computer.

Open a browser window and type into the address bar.

Select Home Networking > Wireless.(The system may prompt for the device access code. The device code can be found on the side of the RG printed on the sticker.)

After that, you will be able to see your wireless configurations and all the Wireless network information.

This step is very careful as you need to update the Channel Bandwidth settings on your modem. If you have a dual Bandwidth modem, (Modem- BGW210-700, 5268AC and NVG599 are dual bandwidth) you have to update the channel for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Network. Performing any changes might interrupt the services for a bit. 

Okay, the RG is set as Automatic for Channel Bandwidth and you need to select the channel 9 or 11. Now here's something you need to know. Selecting the Channel above 5 needs be changed along with the Bandwidth(you will find it above the Channel settings options)
Just remember this, channel from 1-5 needs to with the 40Mhz Bandwidth and channel from 5-11 to be selected with 20Mhz. 
 Personally, I use Channel 9(Bandwidth-20Mhz) as this is the channel which is rarely used by any device and hence, the interference over the WiFi is minimized.
You need to select the 5Ghz from the Network Interface Drop down on the same page. Now for 5Ghz, select the channel 157 with Bandwidth 80Mhz and save the settings for the bandwidths.
Done? Huh?

Nope you still need to either reboot the modem(best way- Unplugging the power cable from the back of the modem for complete 10 seconds and then plug it back in.)
You can simply check it by disconnecting any device from the WiFi and connect it back.
Note- I would still recommend you to please contact 1800.288.2020 for more help on this or you can go to AT&T's official website- and chat with customer support online. 
The representatives know the drill and will do that for you.

This post is not sponsored by AT&T or it's any affiliates. This is just for Informational purpose and doesn't promotes any illegal use of AT&T equipment. All Photos and U-verse Logo are subject to copyright and is just being used for educational purpose.
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Sunday, April 29, 2018

UnifyID | Things you need to know about this AI | Techolink

The reason for too many posts on AI is, I've been learning about immense possibilities an AI can offer. Recently, Google Co- founder Sergey Bin warns of the threat an AI can bring to us. While  Google, including many top IT companies are investing millions of their money in developing AI, there are also groups which are doing great and accomplishing the very needs of an organizational and personal security.
 While I was researching on internet, I found this group of  machine learning experts from MIT, Stanford etc., who have designed a revolutionary identity platform based on implicit authentication. This new security upgradation can identify themselves in a very authentic way that can minimize the chances of forgery or any security breach.
Img Src:

However, company also claims of security and user data privacy which is the most important as we are already betrayed by many. The founding team has experience in many top performing companies like Apple, IBM, Facebook and more. 

What is new in this?

UnifyID uses unique authentication method including behavioral and environmental factors. It generates a user's fingerprint based on how a user is walking, moving and what are his actions.

UnifyID is not only beneficial for the users. But also for the organization which are worried by the fraudulent activities of their customers. The team has worked on many aspects including security breach of user's data and also organizational secrecy. In fact the data is processed by the AI itself which is good as the data will be out of reach from the bad hands.

Company also claims on the device interaction policy. They took real care that the user's smartphone shouldn't be compromised. The authentication process which means, is done in the device and doesn't reaches to the organization or network.

Artificial Inteligence is not only the future, but also the fate for all of us. It's up to us whether we want this giant to be monster or a god.
Links: Official Website-
Video Link- UnifyID

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Friday, March 9, 2018

How Does it work | Data Recovery | Techolink

This is the most important topic that has already emerged as a one of the most crucial situations among technical problems.
Data Recovery is a magical experience for those who don't know about that. Majority of the people spends tons of money just for recovering their important data in the market. This is because of the lack of knowledge among ordinary people. I know this market won't appreciate my concern towards providing you information about this lesser known section.
Let us start with "How Data Recovery Works?"
I'll try to explain this topic to you in an easiest way.


We all know that Data we create or transfer always gets stored somewhere. Your data is either saved in your Hard Disk drives, SSD's or in removable drive.
The data stored in these drives are always in the form of 0 and 1. These can also be derived as Bit. The data in the drive are stored in small sectors. 

What happens when you delete your data?

Many have asked me this question that what happens to data we data. The data actually doesn't go any where. The data we create, stores in the drive in small sectors which remains there until that data is overridden by other data. Clearly speaking, you new data replaces your older one. 
Now, the interesting part begins. Your data which you mistakenly deleted might be present in your drive. The access to that file is just not known to you. When you delete the data, the computer disables the interaction of the data and disables the address of the file.

How can you access your deleted data?

There are several data recovery software that are currently dominating the data recovery world.
Many IT professional are good and charge you for the recovery of your valuable data or a file.
This are many consequences in doing it on your own.
There are possibilities that your data can be partially recovered or there are chances that you may not be able to recover even a single bit.
But still, you can review these files if they are recoverable or not. At least you have a chance to save some bucks.
Here are some Leading Data Recovery Software.
Visit website- Link

Visit website- Link

Visit website- Link
 I hope this might helped you. Check out our post on AI.
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Saturday, February 17, 2018

HelloJio Voice Assistant | Jio's Voice Assistant Reviews | Techolink

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited revealed about it's Voice and text based assistant last year in august during the launch of it's economic based JioPhone. This was pretty clear with the release of JioPhone as the device supported voice assistant and soon going to be available for android as well. Now, Jio launched it for all Android phones with the name of HelloJIo, which can be used by clicking on Mic icon on the MyJio app.

This feature is available in English and Hindi as well which makes it more user friendly in terms of Indian hands. The company declared it for the In-app Interaction. However, you can set an alarm, make calls, send text messages, open other installed apps and some other  useful features as well.
So, without wasting any time let's check whether it can work or not.

Test 1 In-App Functions 

We checked it for some functions which the Jio Communications claimed it. Like checking network strength and other provided features. It worked satisfactorily.

Test 2 Phone Functions

The Assistant can open any installed app when asked to. We also ask her to set an alarm for a given time and it also worked. Though unlike Google's assistant and Apple's Siri it works only by recognizing some pre-installed queries and questions. It doesn't work if you ask "Wake me up at 9". It only works when you say "Set an alarm for 9 am". 

Test 3 Other Random Functions

We were amazed as it also work on some commands like "Tell me a joke". 

Despite being on Beta, as a user I was expecting something more from it. Still, I believe that Jio is working on that soon the'll launch a better version of it 

Pro's and Con's
It Works on almost any android platform. 
It support English as well as Hindi.
Typing feature is also easily available.
Limited Usage.
Lacks in Understanding  the language.
Specified Commands.

That's it for this post 
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AI for Adobe | Adobe Updates Photoshop | New Features and Improvements | Techolink

We all were waiting for Adobe to introduce something new and unleashed. This was also into Adobe's Priority which was hinted during feature teased back in November 2017 by Adobe.
Obviously Adobe has always been favorite for Pro's as well for the beginners in the field.
Adobe is well aware of that and has been improving it's software and making it user-friendly in terms of feature.
This update of Adobe Photoshop 19.1 has Some new introduction to announce. Backed by one of the the best in class AI Sensei, the new updated software has a brilliance in identifying and isolating objects in a better way.

Select Subject

Select Subject Tools helps in Isolating any object from the whole image with just a click. Select Subject can be found in Select and Mask tool presented among with "Quick Selection" and "Magic Selection" tool.
The Further process is done by AI itself and you obtain a Isolated image on the screen.
This feature is not 100% accurate. Though it can save you a lot of time as it is better than Magic Selection tool
Hope this will help you in future.
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Monday, January 15, 2018

How to Save Webpage as PDF | Google Chrome | Techolink

Post on Request.
This post will help you in saving your Important Form or Notice sheet which is actually helpful as maybe you have to save a screenshot or save the webpage as a whole.
  1. Open the webpage you want to save
      2. Now Click Ctrl+P and select "Save as PDF" in the Destination option.
Now save the file in to the location where you want to save the File.

Wasn't that Easy???
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Friday, January 12, 2018

Artificial Intelligence | How we see our Future with it | Techolink

This is the best topic which is getting so much of attention these days. Obviously, we're getting advance in terms of technology. Today, you might be holding some devices that is actually having more data and power generation than the devices which were used during the 90's.
We have came to a point where technology is facing us head to head.
Let me tell you something about AI

Artificial Intelligence 

As we're moving forward, Programming skills have gone so far that now the machines are capable to think, act and move like Natural Creatures.
Some major revenue generating companies like Google, Apple, Tesla and many more have invested so much time and resources in  developing AI's and I'm quite sure that in the near future they'll surely be able to control general things which may have an affect on the humans and nature as well.

AI in Transportation and Industry

 This has always been a favorite debate topic for the researchers. This is clearly visible that Industries have already introduced with autonomous technologies and are undoubtedly performing better in mass production with less chances of errors. Beside this, Google and other popular companies have been developing Vehicles that can be driven by the AI itself. they proudly say that this will lead to minimize the traffic accidents that is happening wordwide.
                                             Source- By Grendelkhan - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Cyborg Enhancements

From Elon Musk's idea of developing AI into Human to a wonderful speech given by Hanson's Sophia. Everyone is quite ready for a change in Society as it is clear and visible that in future, we'll be having arguments with much superior AI robots which will be more efficient than us.

An American Science Fiction based TV series Person of Interest(2011-2016). Created and Produced by the two of the most brilliant Film makers Jonathan Nolan and J. J Abrams depicted and conceptualized an AI which is created as a surveillance for the government. This was however true as United States's Intelligence agency CIA once created such Program which was shutdown after the program got leaked and people begun questioning  about their privacy and personal life.
This TV series shows us that what an AI is capable of and how it should be controlled for future inadequacies.
I hope,You'll be amazed after reading this. 
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