How to Fix Pen drive Shortcut Problem and Recover the Lost Files in Windows using cmd

Hello everyone today ,I am going to discuss one of the major issue that happens on most p.c's.
i'm sure that you have faced this problem once in your life.
yes the shortcut error on you drive 
this is quite disastrous when your data gets shortcut error and it does  not work. once i have gone through this problem my friend aditya who was having some data ,sends me that data to my pen drive .... but soon as opened it on my pc the file was replaced with a shortcut error. so that made me surprise that what if some lose data he will not be able to get his data back.
I researched on this problem and i found that this error can cleaned by inputting some command  on C.M.D and hey! your data is back in just few simple steps 
this error can be cleaned by antivirus like Quick heel total security 
but don't worry if you don't have this antivirus. there are some few steps that can clear you shortcut error
STEP 2. OPEN RUN AND TYPE CMD(you can open RUN by pressing windows+r)

STEP 3.YOU HAVE TO KNOW YOU PEN DRIVE'S LETTER (assume the letter as H:)
STEP open cmd and type what i follow
                                        attrib -h -r -s /s /d k: \*.*
now hit enter 

close the cmd and open run and type %temp% and hit enter 
press cntrl+a and then press shift+delete and hit enter
now your data is back !!!!
thank u 
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