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How To Create Run Commands in Windows

we all know that run command makes our life faster and easier. RUN command are basically for system software and tools which are created for easier  access of the particular system file.
some examples are
wordpad-             write
calculater-           calc
control panel-      control
ms powerpoint -  powerpnt
as we all know that these run commands are only for system tools and software....
but hold on !!! now you can make them too with few simple steps you can also be able to make any command for any software.
for example if you want to make a command for VLC media player, there are some simple steps.
STEP 1. first create a shotcut on you desktop by right clicking on mouse select new>shortcut.
STEP 2. now a short cut will created on the desktop. Click on the shortcut and a dialogue box will open which will ask you for path of that software.
STEP 3. The dialogue box will ask for a path where the software is located. enter the path for eg.
the path is c:/program files/videolan/vlc/vlc.exe. After the path is inserted click on next.
and name the file. remember that the file name you entered is same as in the run command.
now after you have entered the desired name click on finish and close it.
STEP 4. You will now able to see that the shortcut named by you appears on your desktop.Copy the shortcut and paste into the folder named windows where the operating system is installed.
now open run command (win key+r) and enter the shortcut name into that and hit enter.

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