Have you noticed a point hole on your CD/DVD Offset? What is it there?

Have you noticed it too???
Well let's go back to the history of CD/DVD drives and checkout.
CD's and DVD's were initially introduced by LaserDisc in 1972 which was later developed by Sony in 1975. In the beginning the disc were of less Capacity  and were bulky in size. But as with later developments and improvements the disc were then thinner and lightweight.
As the CD/DVD started to getting trendy they were then started coming with the PC itself.
with the Built-in CD/DVD drives, people were getting trouble with CD/DVD as sometimes it gets stuck in the Drive. Which in result creates a mess as people have to open the whole CPU and then they have to unscrew the whole drive and pull the DVD.This sometimes creates mess as the Forceful pull of DVD sometimes remains with a scratch on DVD's.
So, SONY decided to create a point hole in the offset of the drive so that whenever necessary anyone can insert a simple paperclip and eject the drive.
so, whenever you are in trouble with the DVD just insert some thing and remove the DVD with care
Happy to help!!