How to reset BIOS Password using CMOS Battery | Techolink | Yash Shukla

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Today I will concentrate back on Hardware by bringing you a very important and secured topic.
'How to reset BIOS Password using CMOS Battery.
Someone asked me that he forgot his Bios Password and now he is unable to access the BIOS setup as the BIOS prompt for password whenever he tries to enter the setup.
There are many possible ways by which you can reset your BIOS password.The most common and efficient way to reset you BIOS setting is to do it hardware style.
Here are some quick summary of what is BIOS and CMOS.
BIOS: Basic I/O System.
BIOS is actually a program which controls the basic functions of System such as Time and date, Boot Settings and other Hardware which are either connected or can be connected to the system.
CMOS : Complementary Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor 
CMOS is a power cell which gives sufficient power to BIOS to save time and other settings which are necessary for boot up.
Steps are 
Step 1 Open your Laptop or CPU and look for a lithium battery which looks like below

Step 2 Now Carefully remove the battery and wait for 5 to 10 minutes
(Note : Before removing the battery please ensure that your CMOS battery is detachable as some Models or chipset doesn't allows you to detach the battery. for that you need to check if the battery is removing or not. If it doesn't then please don't try hardly.)
Step 3 Reinsert the battery and power on your system. 
Now try skip booting the OS by clicking F2 or delete or the assigned key for boot menu.
                                              Voila!!!! Now you have successfully bypass the boot menu pasword.
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