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Hey Friends!!!!!
How many of you actually feel to buy a new laptop. Some of you might already be searching about new Trending laptops.
Let me tell tell something before you buy the stuff
There are many ranges according to a person need.
It depends upon the usage type of laptop the is person is looking for...
The major types of laptops are:
1. Entry level Laptops or basic laptops
           These types of laptops have low storage and other facilities like normal usage RAM or the capacity is low.Basically these kind of laptops are recommended for simple users with not great usage. These laptops starts from RS 17000 to Rs 28000 in India USD 155 to 350. Average Specification of these laptops are as follows.

  • Intel Pentium/Atom/Celeron/I3(4th gen) or AMD A4/Athlon
  • Ram DDR3 2 Gb to 4GB  
  • HDD Capacity : 500 GB to 1Tb
  • Display : 11 inches to 15.6 inches (generally 1366X768)
  • Graphics : casually Intel HD integrated graphics 4400 or AMD 1 gb 
2. Business Laptops Or Mainstream Laptops @ Rs 28000 to  Rs 55000
 These types of Laptop generally are used by major proportion. These laptops are actually better than the starting basic laptops as they are capable of performing task faster and brilliantly. These Laptops are Recommended for office use as well as home. Following are the Specs.

  • Intel I3 4th/I3 5th/I5 3rd, 4th and 5th and even 6th generations
  • Ram DDR3/ DDR3l 4 to 6 Gb
  • HDD Capacity 500 Gb to 1TB
  • Graphics:  NVIDIA graphics 1 Gb to 4 Gb or Amd 
3. Gaming Laptops Or High Performance Laptops  @ Rs 50000 and above
These are called the advanced types of laptops and have high performance due to system configuration high graphics give more power to your computer and make these laptops suitable for gaming and other High performance purpose.

  • Intel I5 4th gen to I7 6th gen 
  • Ram 8 Gb and Above
  •  SDD capacity 250GB and above
  • Graphics NVIDIA Graphics 2Gb and above
SO my friend If you're interested in buying a new laptop. Make your self Fully prepare About your needs and requirements. 
                                      Happy To Help!!!