How to Reveal Saved Password in any Browser | #HackItOnYourOwn | TECHOLINK

Hey friends!!!
Well everyone wants to be a hacker.That's why i brought a trick for you by which you can reveal anyone's saved password. now you can reveal anyone's password by some simple steps.
In default you are only able to see the   ******** like password which is encrypted by the browser itself and not by the website for quick access for the user. so with the help of some easy steps you can easily crack that saved password.
Step 1. Open a website containing saved password in any browser.(I'm using google chrome)
Step 2. Now Right click on the password box and Select "inspect element" or "inspect".
Step 3. A new window for developer tool will be opened.Look for the <input type"password"...
in the elements tab. now select the "password" text and replace the word with "text".
Now press enter. Congo you just revealed the saved and encrypted password.
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