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This is the best topic which is getting so much of attention these days. Obviously, we're getting advance in terms of technology. Today, you might be holding some devices that is actually having more data and power generation than the devices which were used during the 90's.
We have came to a point where technology is facing us head to head.
Let me tell you something about AI

Artificial Intelligence 

As we're moving forward, Programming skills have gone so far that now the machines are capable to think, act and move like Natural Creatures.
Some major revenue generating companies like Google, Apple, Tesla and many more have invested so much time and resources in  developing AI's and I'm quite sure that in the near future they'll surely be able to control general things which may have an affect on the humans and nature as well.

AI in Transportation and Industry

 This has always been a favorite debate topic for the researchers. This is clearly visible that Industries have already introduced with autonomous technologies and are undoubtedly performing better in mass production with less chances of errors. Beside this, Google and other popular companies have been developing Vehicles that can be driven by the AI itself. they proudly say that this will lead to minimize the traffic accidents that is happening wordwide.
                                             Source- By Grendelkhan - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Cyborg Enhancements

From Elon Musk's idea of developing AI into Human to a wonderful speech given by Hanson's Sophia. Everyone is quite ready for a change in Society as it is clear and visible that in future, we'll be having arguments with much superior AI robots which will be more efficient than us.

An American Science Fiction based TV series Person of Interest(2011-2016). Created and Produced by the two of the most brilliant Film makers Jonathan Nolan and J. J Abrams depicted and conceptualized an AI which is created as a surveillance for the government. This was however true as United States's Intelligence agency CIA once created such Program which was shutdown after the program got leaked and people begun questioning  about their privacy and personal life.
This TV series shows us that what an AI is capable of and how it should be controlled for future inadequacies.
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