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The reason for too many posts on AI is, I've been learning about immense possibilities an AI can offer. Recently, Google Co- founder Sergey Bin warns of the threat an AI can bring to us. While  Google, including many top IT companies are investing millions of their money in developing AI, there are also groups which are doing great and accomplishing the very needs of an organizational and personal security.
 While I was researching on internet, I found this group of  machine learning experts from MIT, Stanford etc., who have designed a revolutionary identity platform based on implicit authentication. This new security upgradation can identify themselves in a very authentic way that can minimize the chances of forgery or any security breach.
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However, company also claims of security and user data privacy which is the most important as we are already betrayed by many. The founding team has experience in many top performing companies like Apple, IBM, Facebook and more. 

What is new in this?

UnifyID uses unique authentication method including behavioral and environmental factors. It generates a user's fingerprint based on how a user is walking, moving and what are his actions.

UnifyID is not only beneficial for the users. But also for the organization which are worried by the fraudulent activities of their customers. The team has worked on many aspects including security breach of user's data and also organizational secrecy. In fact the data is processed by the AI itself which is good as the data will be out of reach from the bad hands.

Company also claims on the device interaction policy. They took real care that the user's smartphone shouldn't be compromised. The authentication process which means, is done in the device and doesn't reaches to the organization or network.

Artificial Inteligence is not only the future, but also the fate for all of us. It's up to us whether we want this giant to be monster or a god.
Links: Official Website- https://unify.id/
Video Link- UnifyID

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