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This is the most important topic that has already emerged as a one of the most crucial situations among technical problems.
Data Recovery is a magical experience for those who don't know about that. Majority of the people spends tons of money just for recovering their important data in the market. This is because of the lack of knowledge among ordinary people. I know this market won't appreciate my concern towards providing you information about this lesser known section.
Let us start with "How Data Recovery Works?"
I'll try to explain this topic to you in an easiest way.


We all know that Data we create or transfer always gets stored somewhere. Your data is either saved in your Hard Disk drives, SSD's or in removable drive.
The data stored in these drives are always in the form of 0 and 1. These can also be derived as Bit. The data in the drive are stored in small sectors. 

What happens when you delete your data?

Many have asked me this question that what happens to data we data. The data actually doesn't go any where. The data we create, stores in the drive in small sectors which remains there until that data is overridden by other data. Clearly speaking, you new data replaces your older one. 
Now, the interesting part begins. Your data which you mistakenly deleted might be present in your drive. The access to that file is just not known to you. When you delete the data, the computer disables the interaction of the data and disables the address of the file.

How can you access your deleted data?

There are several data recovery software that are currently dominating the data recovery world.
Many IT professional are good and charge you for the recovery of your valuable data or a file.
This are many consequences in doing it on your own.
There are possibilities that your data can be partially recovered or there are chances that you may not be able to recover even a single bit.
But still, you can review these files if they are recoverable or not. At least you have a chance to save some bucks.
Here are some Leading Data Recovery Software.
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