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Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited revealed about it's Voice and text based assistant last year in august during the launch of it's economic based JioPhone. This was pretty clear with the release of JioPhone as the device supported voice assistant and soon going to be available for android as well. Now, Jio launched it for all Android phones with the name of HelloJIo, which can be used by clicking on Mic icon on the MyJio app.

This feature is available in English and Hindi as well which makes it more user friendly in terms of Indian hands. The company declared it for the In-app Interaction. However, you can set an alarm, make calls, send text messages, open other installed apps and some other  useful features as well.
So, without wasting any time let's check whether it can work or not.

Test 1 In-App Functions 

We checked it for some functions which the Jio Communications claimed it. Like checking network strength and other provided features. It worked satisfactorily.

Test 2 Phone Functions

The Assistant can open any installed app when asked to. We also ask her to set an alarm for a given time and it also worked. Though unlike Google's assistant and Apple's Siri it works only by recognizing some pre-installed queries and questions. It doesn't work if you ask "Wake me up at 9". It only works when you say "Set an alarm for 9 am". 

Test 3 Other Random Functions

We were amazed as it also work on some commands like "Tell me a joke". 

Despite being on Beta, as a user I was expecting something more from it. Still, I believe that Jio is working on that soon the'll launch a better version of it 

Pro's and Con's
It Works on almost any android platform. 
It support English as well as Hindi.
Typing feature is also easily available.
Limited Usage.
Lacks in Understanding  the language.
Specified Commands.

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