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We all were waiting for Adobe to introduce something new and unleashed. This was also into Adobe's Priority which was hinted during feature teased back in November 2017 by Adobe.
Obviously Adobe has always been favorite for Pro's as well for the beginners in the field.
Adobe is well aware of that and has been improving it's software and making it user-friendly in terms of feature.
This update of Adobe Photoshop 19.1 has Some new introduction to announce. Backed by one of the the best in class AI Sensei, the new updated software has a brilliance in identifying and isolating objects in a better way.

Select Subject

Select Subject Tools helps in Isolating any object from the whole image with just a click. Select Subject can be found in Select and Mask tool presented among with "Quick Selection" and "Magic Selection" tool.
The Further process is done by AI itself and you obtain a Isolated image on the screen.
This feature is not 100% accurate. Though it can save you a lot of time as it is better than Magic Selection tool
Hope this will help you in future.
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